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A story of strange love

it was probably early last year, your where nothing but a name in my ears, soothing, smooth like wine to a bad stomach, you had me knees bent, heart raced, all in the name of love my dear, a love I barely understood, a love I barely spoke, if ever love was a language I think I would be dumb for the rest of the year, you were like the morning dew, perfect for the nose, exciting for my bare feet, but still I never thought having you would be a pleasing thing, you had a charm, the kind you see in twilight, like a dark tunnel, you were definitely my light, I had you on my mind like a broken record, you can never find the lyrics but the tune keeps playing in your head, only God knows how much I was praying for you, but yet here you were, at my feet, begging for me to open up, and yet all I could really open was my mouth, not to profess my love, but to remind you how imperfect i was, yet there you were, quick and ready to remind me that I definitely was perfect to y
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Let's hide

Hold my hands let's take a trip, A trip far away we can maybe chill. You see, My stories have been my pain, My pain has been my lessons, Lessons that I surely haven't learnt, And pain unforgotten. I hide in this place called a smile, Pretend all is but a ride, A rollercoaster, Yes! But am not to blame. In a world where success gets you friends, Internet gets you love, Education gets you a job, And the air makes you sick, I have no option but to hide, Hide in this place called a smile. When am asked if am crying, I wipe my face and yell, Where's the party at? Am not trying to let anyone in my space, I can't trust them, They! They have a way of breaking me, Using my love to their advantage, My need for company to their control, And now I built a wall, A wall behind this place, This place called a smile. Why are they so evil? Why don't they love the way I do? Why don't they see the things I see? Love in hate, Peace in war

Am Just 21!

I was inspired to write Not because I was listening to Bob Marley and Laurie Hills But because am 21 and the society has decided I am African Originally not meant to be too educated One degree One certificate And I am the perfect wife for a 45 year old man Am lonely at 21 I am growing old at 21 I need babies soon at 21 Now this is why am getting serious bored of this world I mean am 21 I have just started understanding what I am A woman, yes With needs, yes But I still have standards Still have dreams I still want to tour Want to meet Oprah Maybe win an Oscar Or probably write a play Watch it make it to the Emmy's What is wrong with dreaming, I mean am only 21 Still very adventurous Still giggle when my own father gives me a complement I mean, am just 21 Let me enjoy.


This is what unity looks like to me, Mabutu, my Tanzania cousin who has a Sudanese mother and an Ethiopian uncle, Went to Rome to attend my Japanese step sister's British uncle's burial. I myself can barely get the logic, Of how too many nations come together under one single epitome of understand. Simple, the church! Growing up in Ugandan Catholic churches, Shock is what I experienced when an English service, Was covered by Swahili songs, Unity is having my Luo brother sit next to my Meru uncle, And share a hymn book with my Taita grandmother, Unity is understanding that we can only grow, When we put color, size, shape and language aside, And put the Bible, the Cross and the body and blood of Christ as the head of it all, Jesus did not preach per the person's sin, Neither did he use one's accent to weigh the magnitude of the miracle one was to receive, Jesus shared the gospel regardless of background, A lesson he intended to be passed on through


Tell me something i don't know Something that will sweep me off my feet and remind me of faith Something that will kill my little dream and make it believe Something the has much to offer and little to take away Something strong enough to remind me of a dreaded past Probably that, that will awake me and make my dreams invisible Leave me singing hallelujah To a total stranger. We are emotionally unstable, prudent to impunity Weak to a lot, reverse in our own psychos Great with a little, we blame our imagination Big with a greater promise Prone to very little We dream of bigger experiences Not ready to build wider appearances. Locked down We would imagine little with eyes open Very shallow in appearance We build walls to block fear Forgettig we are transparent with emphasis But with painted pictures We are vulnerable to the paint we splash And thus prefer playing squash In our own messes. When visited, we express dismay Considered irrelevant We are willing t


I am talent Discreet under riots Brighter with a furnace Moved by little Entitled to many Sharing dreams of the future Brighter than a politicians present salary burnt up. I am talent Weakened by little Loving the whinning masses Claps aloud Dreams alike I like to please A crowd that makes my dreams alive Bringing out me Bringing in we I am talent Molded by many Greatness they strive to bring out in me Mistakes I shake to make Ambition they always confide Achievements we rejoice A great cake to all enjoy I AM TALENT.

My Love Story

Lets talk about love, Hot chocolate and fire places, Wild dreams, teenage affairs, Illusions we believes, intentions we perceive, Its blind, till the naked truth is out, I JUST OPENED YOU, EYES. J. Cole talks of a cracked smile, A world of no loose lies, Strong affections, not affraid to show it off, And maybe faking it is a perfect life, Wrong impressions, wrong ambitions, Fear of trust, fear of lies, ITS BUILT ON FALSE HOPE. Let me introduce you to someone, No lie, no games, Is his line of confessions, A strong promise of gains, With a lot for revelations, And promises of great eternal Life To your disposition. Lets talk about a man who walked on water, Feed a thousand, Cursed demons, Changed water to wine, Loves unconditionally, LITERALLY DIED FOR YOU. AM TALKING ABOUT JESUS.